Hair Design, Esthetics, & Nail technology

Combining together all three fields can open the door to many possibilities within the industry. You will be able to fully transform your client and give them the look of their dreams. In many states they combine all three of these fields into one cosmetology license.

2300 hour course - approx. 60 weeks *

Hair Design & Nails Technology

Obtaining certificates in both of these fields will allow you to expand your career with many creative possibilities within the Hair Design and the Nail Technology fields.

2050 hour course - approx. 56 weeks*

Hair Design & Esthetics

Learn to indulge your clients in luxury spa treatments as well as dazzle them with an amazing new hair style. By earning your certification in both of these fields you will truly know how to pamper your clients.

1950 hour course - approx. 60 weeks*

Hair Design Only

This field of practice is not only limited to a nice cut and style. Here you will learn the creative techniques behind the styles, the technical skills behind a fabulous cut, and the theory behind eye catching color. Not only will you learn the tricks of the trade but the charisma of the career.

1700 hour course - approx. 57 weeks

Esthetics & Nail Technology

From creating beautiful sculpted nails to relaxing your client in a deluxe facial, this career path has many opportunities available. Tying these two fields together allows your clients the ultimate spa indulgence.

850 hour course - approx. 30 weeks*

Nail Technology

The fascinating field of nail technology not only offers you the opportunities in artificial nails but also the creativeness of nail art to offering relaxation through pedicuring and manicuring. A beautiful hand is highly sought after by today's business men and women.

600 hour course - approx. 20 weeks*

Esthetics Only

The field of Esthetics (formerly referred to as Facial Technology) makes people feel good. By working with an assortment of implements and massage techniques, you will make your clients feel relaxed and excited about your abilities. You will also learn skills in the lucrative area of waxing.

500 hour course - approx. 20 weeks*

Barbering Only

The Barbering field is a career move that makes sense as  current barbers want to retire and they are finding that there are few barbers to replace them. This coupled with the growing trend of men's grooming our graduates do very well in their careers.

1350 hour course - approx 45 weeks*

* approximates are based on full time enrollment

Next Steps...

We invite you to join us for a learning experience of a lifetime. With a license in one or all of these fields your career opportunities are abundant.